Between December 10th and January 6th, we launch again Trysome, the inclusive and supportive videogame championship, since everyone can play and the full amount of the registration goes to Down Catalunya’s programs to support people with Down syndrome. Trysome is an invitation to “try some” for “trisomy”, that is to say, to have fun and at the same time lend a hand to people with trisomy 21.

Two great innovations in relation to the first edition of the tournament, which took place in May 2015. This time the minimum registration price is only €1 (which entitles a limited number of games; starting €5 is already unlimited) and, most importantly, the prize now is an XBox ONE S console, courtesy of Microsoft Spain.

The mechanics of Trysome is very simple: it is the classic game of running, jumping and stooping to avoid obstacles, at increasing speed, in which adds more points who is able to overcome more obstacles. When failure the player’s score is recorded and he has to start again from scratch.

What distinguishes Trysome is its solidarity purpose: to play you only have to have internet and register online making a small donation minimum of 1 euro. Another novelty is that the participants will be able to know what place they occupy in the classification, but not what are the scores of the other participants. In the end, whoever gets the highest score will get the console, which Microsoft will send wherever in the world lives the winner.
tutti-quantiTrysome is a creation of the Catalan technology company Sinblink made expressly for Down Catalunya, with graphic designs of cartoonist Manuel Cruz, brother of a girl with Down syndrome and author of Andrea Down comic, and with the collaboration of, a digital platform specializing in video gaming leagues and competitions. All three are involved in this initiative as volunteers.

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