Last October, the Constitutional Commission of the Congress approved with an absolute majority, the reform of the Organic Law of General Electoral Regime (Loreg). With this legal modification, the nearly 100,000 people with disabilities in our country could freely exercise their right to vote.

Just a few weeks after the first elections, the Central Electoral Board has decided to authorize the attorneys and auditor of the polling stations to decide whether people with disabilities who are going to vote do so “free, conscious and with their own will”. That is, empowers these people to decide, evaluate, draw conclusions and write down their name and ID in the minutes of the session, but can not prevent their vote is entered into the ballot box.

Down Catalunya, believes that this decision seriously violates the rights granted by the Organic Law to people with disabilities, and gives diagnostic skills to people without any social or psychopedagogical training. We also consider that it is an arbitrary decision that violates the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities of the United Nations, allowing “suspect” about the will of people with disabilities, but not the rest of the voters.