The study of green tea, or more precisely the study of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), natural substance found in green tea, is yielding very promising results. Scientists warn that this will  not be a cure for Down syndrome, but for the first time there is a safe and effective treatment to improve cognitive performance of people with Down syndrome.

This was demonstrated by the clinical trial in adults, conducted over two years by a team of scientists led by Dr. Mara Dierssen, from the Center for Regulation of Genomics in Barcelona (CRG), and Dr. Rafael de la Torre, from the Institute Hospital Sea of ​​Medical Research (IMIM). Treatment consisted in taking daily EGCG combined with some cognitive stimulation exercises that were addressed to areas of the brain where memory and language are.

On Saturday March 21, Down Catalunya invites you to a talk with Mara Dierssen entitled “The study of green tea. Where are we”. Dierssen will explain the results of research in adults and steps that are being taken to get the resources to do this same trial with pediatric population, where more spectacular results are expected, given that the brains of children has much more plasticity and EGCG acts primarily by improving connectivity between neurons.

Furthermore, with regard to this issue in recent months there have been two very positive news. First, a company will produce and market the EGCG as a batter, which will make it much easier for ingestion. It is expected that this smoothie, which will possibly have the trade name Font Up, will be a reality this spring.

Moreover, crowdfunding campaign carried out between November and January collected the minimum amount allowed to take forward a specific game for adults with DS to exercise the brain areas that need to be stimulated, and especially to do so in a much more pleasant way than the computer games used during the test. Specifically, 18,989.36 euros were collected. However, video game designers estimate that it will take over a year for the demo to be available.


Lecture-Discussion with Mara Dierssen

Saturday March 21, 2015
17 hours
Centre Cívic Sant Martí (Carrer Selva de Mar, 215)
Free access with limited capacity
(Book: info@sindromedown.cat)