Since its creation, la Coordinadora Síndrome de Down de Cataluña has had publications with the aim of guiding the professionals who deal with people with trisomy 21. We have also published some books in which young people from Down Catalunya have participated as journalists, musicians and cooks! If you are interested in collaborating with us by purchasing any of these publications, you can do so by contacting us at:


Author: Down Catalunya and Comissió Europea a Catalunya
Publication: December 2020

European Strategy for People with Disabilities 2021-2030. With this text prepared in ‘easy reading’, Down Catalunya and the Delegation to Catalonia of the European Commission, we want to give a tool to bring the European institutions closer to people with intellectual disabilities. What is the EU or the EC? Why were they founded? How can they help us? All of these and many other questions can be found in this guide.

Author: Down Catalunya
Publication: September 2020

This guide is an easy-to-read tool to help you if someone is hurting you or taking advantage of you and your sexuality.

Text in Catalan

Relats A Dues Bandes

Author: Down Catalunya
Publication: December 2010

Down Catalunya publishes a compilation of Catalan stories by President Pasqual Maragall, President Jordi Pujol, writer Isabel Clara Simó, illustrator Roser Capdevila, footballer Rexach and journalist Àngel Casas, among many others. 25 figures were interviewed by young people from Down Catalunya, and they have shared short stories full of personal anecdotes. Text in Catalan.


Author: Down Catalunya
Publication: November 2010

A DVD that gathers three Catalan folk tales performed by the MusicDown orchestra. It is a work in which visual aspects of the comedians of the cartoonist Picanyol merge with the music of the composer Antoni Tolmos. Five of the interpreters become narrators of the stories, giving life to all the characters and producing the music of the orchestra.

El Libro Del Bebé

Author: Down Catalunya
Publication: July 2010

A short book written to help new parents with the birth of a child with Down syndrome. It is translated into Spanish, French, English and Arabic.

La Nostra Cuina

Author: Andi Sabadell
Publication: April 2009

A book that includes simple recipes organized to favor the autonomy of young people with Down syndrome and other similar intellectual disabilities. In Catalan.

Tots A La Cuina

Author: Down Lleida
Publication: March 2007

Book consists of recipes prepared thanks to the selfless involvement of professionals from Lleida such as photographers along with children and young people with Down Syndrome. In Catalan.

Programa De Salut Per A Persones Amb Síndrome De Down

Author: Down Catalunya
Publication: November 2005

This edition is a translation of the Health Program prepared by Down Spain, and consists of establishing a series of protocols to guide professionals who deal with people with trisomy 21.

Aquest Bebé Us Necessita Molt

Author: Down Lleida
Publication: September 2006

It is about helping the parents of a newborn with Down syndrome so that they can conceptualize their situation in a positive manner. In Catalan.