From the Coordinadora Down Catalunya we consider Education as one of the most important integrationist factor for the people with Down syndrome or other intellectual disability. One of the main objectives is to guarantee a quality education within the integrationist framework during the different school stages (Nursery School, Primary Education, Secondary Education and Post-Compulsory Secondary Education).


Plan of action:

  • Design of an agreement, of an autonomous nature, with the Department of Education that allows the collaboration of our organizations with the integrated educational centres and the regular educational establishments where children with intellectual disability are provided with schooling, with the aim to contribute to a continuous coordination between the support given by the organizations from the Coordinadora and the schools and professionals with the respective educational establishments.
  • Facilitate the access of youth with Down syndrome to Post-Compulsory Secondary Education (Vocational Training) offering support and needed curriculum adaptation to guarantee optimum results. The objective, in this case, is to have prepared youth able to access the regular job market.
  • Spreading of the speech therapy service or the development of the language in the educational establishments, with the aim to strengthen one of the most important instruments to reach the later learning: the language.
  • Introduction to Proyecto BIT of access to training in the use of new technologies for people with intellectual disability.
  • Training for adults.