Early Support

According to the philosophy of the Coordinadora Down Catalunya, we understand the early support as the global support that we offer both the child with Down syndrome and their family during the first years of life.

The organizations which form part of the Coordinadora Down Catalonia develop programs which consist in an educational form, moreover in a social and health involvement. The goal is to enrich the environment in which the child develops, promoting the interaction with the people who surround them and help parents and families offering essential support in these first moments.

Through working with the families, we inform and advise them in all of the possible aspects, according to the principle of standardization of people with Down syndrome.

Families have important needs to cover and for that reason they require support and assistance in these key moments of their life cycle. It is important that both families and professionals work in a coordinate way, so that the activities carried out from both fields are agreed and they strengthen one another.


In this sense, Down Catalunya is responsible for:

  1. Giving full support and information to new families, both by phone and Internet.
  2. Creating networks and support structures between our entities and the health system and public administration, providing training and equipment to improve information to professionals involved in the communication of diagnosis.
  3. Preparing and defending a Manifesto for the defense of inclusive education along with other organizations in the field of disability and education.
  4. Creating a working committee formed by the signatories of the Manifesto.
  5. Organizing debates on inclusive education during elections.
  6. Establishing a protocol for collecting incidents and cut resources to any student with a disability.