Antoni Tolmos

A piano, some questions and a some answers. The musician and composer from Lleida Antoni Tolmos manages to create a magical atmosphere in a series of individual interviews he has conducted to five young people with Down syndrome, a project initiated by Tolmos and Down Catalunya entitled “Down Moments; how does your life sound?”. The launch coincides with the celebration of World Down Syndrome Day.

The five young people interviewed are Vanesa Reinón, Erika Pallares, Sandy Jorda, Mari Paz Valero and Tere Farré. They belong to entities such as Aura Foundation, Andi-Down Sabadell, Down Lleida and Girona Astrid 21 Foundation. The piano and music that composer generates in real-time serve as a thread to questions on the opinion of the interviewees about the things that happen in the world and what can be done to improve it. From here, they speak with spontaneity and tenderness about their feelings, friends, and family, and they explain what things are most important in their lives. The main reflection to be drawn is that “happiness does not understand about disabilities.”

Interview with Vanesa Reinón (Castilian / English subtitles):
Interview with Erika Pallarés (Catalan / Spanish subtitles):
Interview with Sandy Jordà (Catalan / Spanish subtitles):
Interview with Mari Paz Valero (Catalan / Spanish subtitles):
Interview with Tere Farré (Catalan / Spanish subtitles):

Antoni Tolmos is Professor of Music Education at the University of Lleida and the Autonomous University of Barcelona. In addition to a superior degree in Piano, Music Theory and Music Theory, he is Doctor of Philosophy and Education Sciences, specializing in artistic performance, and expert on creativity and musical improvisation professional coach. He is also the author of a dozen labels and artistic productions. With Down Catalunya he already collaborated in 2009 and 2010 in the Musicdown project as director of an orchestra formed by young people with and without disabilities who gave several concerts throughout Catalonia.

“Down Moments, how does your life sound?” has involved more than twenty professionals, sound technicians, cameras, video editors, makeup and volunteers, who have all contributed selflessly.