Lluc Valls and Judith Oliveros, two young people from Aura Fundació, representing Down Catalunya, have come to the Mobile World Congress last month to test the most important technological innovations this year.

After doing a lot of kilometers in the hallways of the congress and practicing much English, the applications that have attracted most attention for their utility are two virtual reality glasses. The first one, helps the blind to find obstacles in its path and the other, allows to see from the house the hotel room that you want to reserve.

It has also attracted a watch that can emit emergency signals and work with GEO mobile location, helping people who are lost or who have suffered an accident.

As for news in the area of ​​connectivity, Lluc emphasizes that the 5G will soon be present in our devices on a regular basis and for example, in the Camp Nou will be one of the first places where the Wifi will be in 5G.

Judith adds, finally, that the applications that allow trials of musical groups at a distance and a robot that played the piano also attracted much attention.

We greatly appreciate your visit to the congress and our representatives!