About us


The Down Catalonia Coordinator was born with the purpose of working for people with intellectual disabilities, especially those with Down syndrome.

Its creation originates from the will of some of the different associations and foundations of people with Down syndrome in Catalonia, members of Down Spain, in order to form a joint platform to improve the quality of life of all people with Down syndrome throughout the Catalan territory.

At the beginning of 2004 began the management to create the Coordinadora Síndrome de Down de Catalunya. The same year on the 21st of May it is finally established with the number 30 of Section 2a 1a.

The Coordinadora Síndrome de Down de Catalunya is registered in the Registro de Entidades, Servicios y Establecimientos Sociales del Servicio de Apoyo a la agrupación de entidades para la atención del discapacitado (Register of Organizations, Welfare Services for the group of organizations for the handicapped care), with number ES/0337/2004, of the Department of Welfare and Family of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Down Catalunya belongs to:

Federation that brings together entities that support people with Down syndrome in Spain. Down Catalunya is a part of to Down Spain. Currently the president of Down Catalunya is also secretary of the board of directors of Down Spain
Entity that brings together different federations of people with disabilities and mental illness in Catalonia. Down Catalunya has a say in the board of directors of Cocarmi.
Platform formed by entities and individuals that work towards promoting an inclusive education in Catalonia. Down Catalunya is a member of the platform.

Platform that strives to promote the incorporation of people with disabilities in the labor market. Down Catalunya is a member of the Platform.

Our goals:

The Coordinadora Síndrome de Down de Catalunya aspires to foster, promote, coordinate and support the different associations and social work organizations that have the aim to watch over and defend the rights and inclusion of the people with Down syndrome in Catalonia and their families. In addition the Coordinadora wants through the execution of activities to offer a support service for the people with intellectual disabilities, their families and the professionals.

  • Foster the relationships between the different members of the Coordinadora to define a joint action plan.
  • Promote the setting-up of organizations which work for the people with Down syndrome in Catalonia.
  • Act as speaker with the Civil Service.
  • Be a nexus between the State Organizations and the Catalan Organizations.
  • Establish and foster collaboration relations with other organizations with similar goals.
  • Study and advance in legal provision which guarantee the rights of people affected with intellectual disability.
  • Promote the execution of information and awareness campaigns to spread the reality of people with Down syndrome.
  • Promote and participate in activities of vocational training in the fields of Psychology, Education, Medicine…with the purpose to improve the service offered from the members’ foundation.
  • Promote the assistance to people with disabilities through the projects of integration in the schools, work and social areas and healthcareprograms
  • Support families of people with Down syndrome and/or similar disabilities.