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Board of Directors


The board represents, directs and manages la Coordinadora in the broadest manner recognized by the Law; makes proposals to the General Assembly and enforces its decisions, convokes assemblies, presents balance sheets and reports, and approves the hiring decisions of personnel. The board positions are not paid. You can contact its members by writing to

Mrs. María Pilar Sanjuán
Mrs. María Pilar SanjuánPRESIDENT
Social integration and early childhood education teacher. Master in Inclusive Education. President of Down Lleida and Secretary of Down Spain. Mrs Sanjuan chairs Down Catalunya since 2004.

The president directs and legally represents la Coordinadora by delegation of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors, where he or she can cast a vote in case of a tie.  

Mrs. María Rosa Boada
Mrs. María Rosa BoadaSECRETÀRYSHIP
Mrs Boada is emeritus professor at the UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona), where she taught on the Education Faculty. Representative of the families of Aura Foundation since its constitution and member of the board of Down Catalunya since 2004.

The secretary is responsable for the documentation of la Coordinadora, picks up and authorizes the certificates to be issued, records the minutes and controls the membership record book.  

Mrs. Antònia Fernández
Mrs. Antònia FernándezTREASURER
Primary and elementary teacher, and specialist in volunteering and dynamization of mutual help groups. Cofounder of Andi-Down Sabadell in 1994. Member of Down Catalunya’s board since 2004.

The treasurer is responsable for the custody and control of la Coordinadora’s resources, as well as the preparation of the budget, balance and settlement of accounts. 

Mrs. Sandra Fernández
Mrs. Sandra FernándezSPOKESPERSON
Director-manager of the Astrid Foundation 21 since 2007 and member of Down Catalunya’s board since 2010, and she is a graduate in Public Administration and Management.

The spokesperson approves or rejects the decisions submitted to the Board for discussion.

Mr. Josep Maria Álvarez
Mr. Josep Maria Álvarez SPOKESPERSON
Entrepreneur, expert on marketing-management and business administration. President of Down Tarragona since 2013 and member of Down Catalunya’s board since 2014.

The spokesperson approves or rejects the decisions submitted to the Board for discussion.

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