Nen dents

Down Catalunya and Hospital de Nens de Barcelona Foundation have signed a collaboration agreement to provide dental care to children with Down syndrome. Thanks to this agreement, the hospital will attend virtually for free children and adolescents with fewer resources, while the rest will enjoy a free first visit and important discounts on dental and orthodontic treatments.

Grants will be awarded based on the valuations of social workers of the seven entities that are part of Down Catalunya. To arrange a visit, it must also be made through any of the entities or, if they don’t belong to any of them, writing to

Each intervention will require a personalized estimate, although as a guiding, the hospital said that oral cleaning has a cost of 45 €. In addition, 5{3ebe092b8d29e3ca5af6948e3eac6d598287e4fd6c715459d2f0a7cc5d9e16da} of the total amount of money charged under this agreement will finance the fund available for aid to the neediest families.

The Fundació Hospital de Nens de Barcelona is a charitable social foundation carrying out their functions mainly in Catalonia, and its and its main purpose are the medical care of children, preventive medicine, teaching and health education. The hospital is located on the street Consell de Cent 437, Barcelona.