The composer and multi instrumentalist of Catalunya Nord, Pascal Comelade, to join the acts of celebration of the 15th anniversary of our entity, has wanted to give us the rights to use the theme “El Ball de Sant Blai” (La Catedral d’escuradents. DISCMEDI 2009)

Born in Montpellier in 1955 and in contact with Catalan culture since his childhood, since 1974 he has lived intermittently in Barcelona, ​​where he has been associated with singer-songwriters, musicians and artists in general, with many of whom he has collaborated, especially with Lluís Llach, Jaume Sisa and Enric Casasses. His style, eclectic, unclassifiable and almost exclusively instrumental, has a marked playful character and experimentation, and often consists of unusual recreations of themes or styles of very different origin, often using toy instruments.

He has played dance shows, theater and numerous films and is a clear claim to Catalan culture in Catalunya Nord. For us it is an honor that we have given this issue! Thank you very much Pascal!